• Can I Collect Any Money?     Take Action

    To find out, fill in this information sheet.

    Our team, at no charge will review that information sheet.

    We will only represent you once our investigation has been completed, we have decided to file a lawsuit, you have asked to participate by submitting a consent form, and your consent form is filed with the court.

    As part of the team’s review process, we will not:

    • disclose your name to your employer,
    • charge you any money,
    • or ask the court for any money for you.

    Your name will only be revealed if you decide you want to ask the court for your back wages.
    Click here for important information about our potential representation of you.

  • Are There Any Deadlines?     Take Action

    Yes. If you are awarded money under federal law, you will likely be able to collect back wages
    only for the three years immediately prior to the date of filing of your consent to join the lawsuit.
    Therefore, every day that you wait to contact our legal team means you could be losing some or
    all of your claim. If you do want to find out what, if anything, you may be owed, you should
    contact our legal team at once. However, you will not be represented by the law firm until a
    case is filed, you decide to participate in the case, and your consent form is filed with the court.

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  • How Was I Not Paid Overtime Correctly?     Take Action

    Our team’s investigation into the pay practices of the health care industry has shown that many employers automatically deduct the time for a meal period even when that employee did not get an uninterrupted meal period.

    It is against the law for your employer to not pay you for a meal period when you are interrupted or miss it. Federal law and regulations clearly say such time must be paid for. Click here

    The United States Department of Labor has recently issued a bulletin warning health care employers that they are breaking the law whenever they deduct for meal periods and their health care employees are interrupted or miss that meal period.

    Really, what the employer is doing is “stealing time”—from you. Your employer would fire you if you automatically added a half-an-hour a day to your time, whether you worked it or not. It is just as wrong for your employer to automatically take a half-an-hour of time away from you each day whether you worked through your meal period or not.

    Similar cases brought by different attorneys in other jurisdictions have resulted in significant recoveries for employees and you may be eligible.

    A similar case filed against a health care employer was recently settled by our legal team. Click here.

    Remember, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

    We often find additional violations as well in our investigation of employers’ pay practices.

  • What If I Knew I Was Not Going To Be Paid For This Time?     Take Action

    That does not matter—you still need to be paid for it. The regulations require that you be paid for all time you are permitted to work. If you work the time, you are to be paid for it, even if you agreed to work, and even if you did not expect to get paid for it.

  • What If I Don’t Have Any Time Records?     Take Action

    You don’t need your time records to be able to recover money. The law requires that your employer keep accurate time records for the time you worked. If the employer did not do that—for example by automatically deducting a half-an-hour for lunch even when you worked part or all of that time—your testimony will be used to determine the amount you are owed.

  • Do I Need To Pay Any Money?     Take Action

    No. There is absolutely no cost to participate in this investigation.

    You will also not be charged any money upfront to participate in a lawsuit we file. Instead, our costs and fees will be paid by the employer, or from any settlement or verdict. If there is no recovery you are not obligated to pay any fees or costs.

    If a lawsuit is filed and if we get money or other benefits for the employees, we may ask the Court for our fees and expenses. Typically, if a case settles, a portion of a settlement or verdict is approved by the court as attorney fees. Costs of the lawsuit are also typically paid out of the settlement fund. In no case would you be asked to spend your own money for attorney fees or costs. You won't have to pay these fees and expenses out-of-pocket. If the Court grants the lawyers’ request, the fees and expenses would be either deducted from any money obtained for the Class or paid separately by your employer. To the extent fees and costs are paid from a settlement fund, the class members' share is reduced.

    If the Plaintiffs obtain money or benefits as a result of the trial or a settlement, you will be notified about how to participate. We do not know how long this will take.

  • Should I Be Afraid Of Participating In The Investigation?     Take Action

    No. If you would like to talk at no charge or obligation to one of the attorneys handling this investigation, please contact us. We will not share that information with anyone, including your employer, unless and until you ask us to act on your behalf in a lawsuit we have filed to ask for your back wages.

  • Should I Let Others Know About The Investigation?     Take Action

    Yes. It’s important and helpful to our legal team that all hourly employees in the health care industry learn about the investigation as soon as possible because of the deadlines that may apply to getting back wages.

    So employees don’t lose the opportunity of getting their back wages, please let anyone else who might be interested in this lawsuit know about it.

  • Do I Qualify For The Investigation?     Take Action

    Our typical case will involve someone who has worked as an hourly employee in the last three years and whose employer automatically deducted time for lunch even when the employee missed their lunch or was interrupted.

    Additionally, you can contact us so we can learn more about your employment situation. There is no charge or obligation if you contact us. We will not disclose to your employer any information that you provide our legal team.

  • How Much Money Would I Be Entitled To?     Take Action

    Our team handling this nationwide investigation of pay practices in the health care industry has estimated the unpaid wages to be a significant amount. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.

    It would take a detailed calculation based on the facts of your case to determine how much you would be owed. Our team can provide one if you contact us.

    However, the amounts can be significant. You could be entitled to some or all of the following:

    1. the straight-time pay you lost each week of the last three years,
    2. time-and-one-half if that additional time means you worked over 40 hours in a week,
    3. doubling of that amount,
    4. your attorneys' fees paid by your employer.

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  • Is This A Lawsuit?     Take Action

    No. At this point we are merely investigating the employment practices within the health care industry and we would like to learn more about your employment history in the health care industry by reviewing your information sheet.

  • Am I Represented By Your Law Firm?     Take Action

    No. Our representation of you will only start once we have concluded our investigation, we have decided to file a lawsuit, you have asked to participate by submitting a consent form, and we have filed your consent form with the court. The information sheet is not the consent form or request to participate. If you decide to later fill in the consent form, we would be representing you only once we filed that request in court, and we would only be representing you for those claims stated in our complaint.

    Important court deadlines are passing daily that could reduce your recovery. Further, you may have claims that are not included in the information you give us, or are not the type of claims we would handle. Therefore, we encourage you to retain another attorney now if you want to investigate any claims you may have.

    Choosing an attorney is an important decision. You should select the attorney who you feel can represent you the best whether it is our firm or another firm.

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